Column A. Family number


    Column B. Family classification

LFS Li-Fraumeni syndrome
criteria according to Li (88) CR 48: 5358
LFL LFS-like
criteria according to Birch (94) CR 54: 1298
FH family history of cancer
N no family history
? unknown

    Column C. Type of the germline p53 mutation

MIS missense
NS nonsense
DEL-IF deletion £ 11 bp in frame
DEL-FS deletion £ 11 bp with frameshift
INS-FS insertion with frameshift
SPL splicing
REA rearrangement
BIGDEL big deletion
DUP duplication

    Column D. Exon affected


    Column E. Codon affected


    Column F. Nucleotide change

[wt codon>mutated codon]

    Column G. Amino acid change

[wt amino acid>mutated amino acid]

    Column H. Individual number (within the family)


? unknown

    Column I. Individual identifier

[identifier from the original report]

    Column J. Generation

V oldest
Z youngest
? unknown

    Column K. Sex

M male
F female
? unknown

    Column L. Carriership of the germline p53 mutation

C confirmed experimentally

O obligatory

? unknown

    Column M. Mode of inheritance

M maternal

P paternal

Mnm new mutation in the maternal germline

NM new mutation

? unknown

    Column N. Likely transmitting parent (or one of possible two in cases of bilineality or where no decision can be made)

[number of the individual (from column H)]

    Column O. Second possible transmitting parent (in cases of bilineality or where no decision can be made)

[number of the individual (from column H)]

    Column P. Tumour number (within the individual)


? unknown

    Column Q. Tumour type


    Column R. Age of onset (or death) in years


? unknown

    Column S. Tumour p53 genotype

LWT loss of wild type allele
LM loss of mutated allele
RHZ retention of heterozygosity
RHZom retention of heterozygosity but another p53 mutation detected
? unknown

    Column T. Tumour p53 immunostaining

Y yes

N no

? unknown

    Column U. Reference(s)

[first-author´s-name (year) journal volume: first-page]

journal abbreviations:

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